Lord Reverb – Artist Biography

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Lord Reverb

Lord Reverb – Artist Biography

Lord Reverb was born on 27 of December 1979 in Amsterdam. He grew up with friends who were multicultural. He worked hard to live a normal life while growing up in a ghetto.

Lord Reverb started making music at an early age. The music helped him cope with a one-two punch of illnesses throughout his live. The music came naturally to him, due to the many friends he grew up with from different cultures all with different musical influences.

Since Lord Reverb’s presence in the music scene his fan base have been growing steadily ever since.

Lord Reverb would describe his music as ‘Electronic’ but that only scratches the surface. Lord Reverb rarely makes two songs in the same Electronic sub-genre. All of Lord Reverb’s released songs can be found on here:

Just to name a few music stores.

‘Circles’ is a good example of a typical Dutch House Single. ‘Bounce’ is a good example of Electronic Trap. ‘Step It Up’ is a good example of an 80s style Dance/Pop type Track and ‘We Are Done’ is a good example of some R&B/Electronic Mashup. As you can see It was logical to call my First Album “Genre-Less”!

But why are all of Lord Reverb’s songs so different?

When i started my musical career i choose to go wide in genres because different musical styles & genres are a good starting & learning point. It’s what makes my sound unique in the future to come.

Unlike many of the artists today who are shaped by copying & remaking other artists tracks, Lord Reverb wants to make a unique sound with a genuine Lord Reverb vibe to it. So every song i make brings multiple styles and genres to the table, and produces that unique sound that say’s one thing;

LORD REVERB, Without a doubt!