What genre music do i make? 😱

It’s important to now as an independent music artist what kind of music you make, right? Well i ask my self this question over and over again because i really do not know what kind of music i make, i do know what kind of music i already made but i never know what kind i am going to make…


Oke i know it sounds a bit confusing at this point but stick with me for a second, i like to make tracks like “Tropical Break” witch is in the “Tropical House” genre. But not entirely! I don’t like to use the 4 on the floor kick, and therefore i switch it with some 80’s drums. Know is this still a “Tropical House” Genre track? Listen for yourself;

Tropical Break Track


Also my debut album “Genre-Less” is a album without a specific Genre in mind. It’s a mix of tracks all with differed genres and these tracks are also a mix of different Genres! Do you see what i mean when i say i don’t know wat genre my tracks are in? Listen for your self;

Album Genre-Less


So my question is this, what do you think? and what genres should i put my music tracks in?
Please replay in the comment section, i will love to hear from you!

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