How To Get Free Spotify Followers


Finding followers and fans on Spotify is tough business! Gaining followers on Spotify can be a daunting task, mainly because music artists have no way of knowing where there Spotify followers are coming from. Due to absence of some good Spotify analytical data! Maybe they are coming from your social media, word of mouth, Google marketing efforts, who knows?

Don’t panic, in this post I will give you some good tips on how you can get free Spotify followers.


how to get free Spotify followers



People love to support other people doing cool stuff and interact with them if they have a mission or a goal. For example instead of screaming on social media “follow me on spotify” you could better tell a good compelling story of WHY they should follow you on Spotify like so; “I’m trying to get 750 followers by 2018! Follow me on Spotify to support my goal!” This will get you more ENGAGEMENT from people! You could also ASK and tell them WHY by adding a mission for them. Example; “I’m trying to get 750 followers by 2018! Give me a follow on Spotify and let me know what you think about my music!”.


Here are 3 social marketing techniques you can use:

  1. Ask them to follow you because you have a mission or goal.
  2. Engage with people by asking there opinion.
  3. Tell them why they should follow you by telling them what you are all about (your music style, education, artist specialties, etc…) or offer stuff for free!

So just use one of these social marketing techniques or mix them up! to create a mission or goal for them to act by and therefore create some quality engagement with your followers and fans.



Oke this is just plain old stupid logic! They need to get to the place where they can follow you! So make sure all of your social media channels have a link to either your Spotify Artist Page or your Website with a Spotify follow button on it! This makes it easy for them to follow you!

If you have a website it would be wise to link all your social media channels to this for SEO reasons! If you don’t have a website direct them straight to your Spotify Profile.



Setup an email campaign on Mailchimp and ask for a follow, or let them know you have new music, or use one of the social media techniques from step one in the body of your email. Here is how to setup your email with Mailchimp:

Step 1:
Export all email contacts from your Gmail account and also from your Reverbnation account (Fan Section).

Step 2:
Setup a free Mailchimp account.

Step 3:
Make a new email campaign in Mailchimp.

Step 4:
Import your exported email addresses.

Step 5:
Craft a good email and blast it to all your contacts on a weekly basis (add fresh content weekly!)

Step 6 (Optional):
Put a Mailchimp opt-in box on your website for fresh followers!



This is not one of my favorite way’s to get free followers for Spotify but it can help you get some easy followers if you need them.

First: Follow my Spotify Follow 4 Follow Group here:

Step 1:
Search for “spotify followers” or “spotify follow for follow” or just “follow for follow” in Facebook groups.

Step 2:
Join Spotify follow for follow groups with a large number of active members.

Step 3:
Post your Spotify artist link, and ask for a snapshot with proof of follow so you can follow them back.

Step 4:
Do this with as many Facebook groups as you can (+- 1 post on 5 different groups a day max! Facebook will  give you a penalty you if you post to much posts in a short amount of time!)



Free Spotify Followers are hard to get and the process is slow but if you make it a daily or weekly habit to market it right you will start to get more and more followers and fans!




Lord Reverb is a Electronic Music Artist & Producer based in Amsterdam. "If i am not making music, i blog about the music industry, so that other artists & musicians can learn from my mistakes".