3 Secret EPK Tips & Tricks


When you are an Artist, DJ, Band or Producer, you need to have an EPK (Electronic Press Kit). We have all read the EPK tips & tricks articles (or YouTube video’s) about making your own EPK. But how do you make an EPK that’s unique en will be remembered by the right people in the music industry?


How do your tailor your EPK just for them? So you can make the EPK work for you? And land you that “Contact” you are looking for!
Like the sound of that? Here are the 3 secret EPK tips & tricks you need to know!





Your EPK is your digital sales pitch doing all the hard work for you. You need it to get hired, get that gig or even work or collaborate with other music industry professionals. Basically it’s your RESUME!


Just like standard resumes for applying to a job, you need to adjust your EPK to the type of job you’re applying for. Some examples:

  • Send an EPK tailored specifically to songwriting for a publishing deal.
  • Send an EPK tailored specifically to live performance for a gig or tour.
  • Send an EPK tailored specifically to your portfolio for a artist collaboration.

Please take the time to create separate versions of you EPK, It’s worth it! Some examples:

  • one for sending to Publishing Deals.
  • one for sending to Gig’s & Tour’s.
  • one for sending to Record Labels / Licensing Placements.
  • one for sending to Fellow Artist (Collaborations).
  • one for your FANS! Important!

Make sure you are not sending your EPK filled with your latest songwriting collaborations or licensing placements to a booking agency! They will not look at this irrelevant information! they just want to know if you are a good fit for their venue or not, so give them that relevant information and not more! (don’t over flood them with in there eye’s useless information!).



Don’t host your EPK (PDF or zip file) on anything less than your own website, with your own domain. DON’T EVER EMAIL YOU EPK! (Many music industry professionals will HATE YOU FOR IT!). Instead just do this:

You can host PDF’s of your EPK’s on your website, making it available for easy viewing or downloading. Create a single page on your website with links to all of your different versions of NICHE optimized EPK’s. that way someone can skip right to the EPK they are interested in. Also make internal links to sections, that way someone can skip straight to the presentation of your bio, press quotes or music section of your EPK.


Hosting your EPK on your own website brings them to your website and if they are already there the will take a look around on your website, and see better who you are and how serious you are about your career! (so make sure your website rocks!).



Most EPK’s list only facts and figures; they fail to sell a good pitch or story. Why you? Why should they pick you? pitch them or tell them a story witch they and their audience can connect to!


Create custom a EPK for big deals or important gigs! Focus on what you’re offering them. For a booking tour, what do YOU bring to the stage? For landing a publishing deal, what kind of emotions do YOUR songs create within your listeners? Basically it boils dow to this; How do YOU make THEIR lives easier by choosing you for the job?


Always remember that industry professionals get pitched almost 24/7. Stand out from the crowd by making their job as easy as possible. Tell them you’re incredible to work with by showing them how incredible the work is that you present to them.



Oke now you know how to upgrade your EPK, start to look at your EPK! Does it tell a good story with a good pitch? or is it just a list of dates, names & list? Start changing your EPK right now! and you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor! more Jobs, Gig’s & Deals! Because you made yourself valuable by telling/pitching THEM why they should get you for that job/gig!




Lord Reverb is a Electronic Music Artist & Producer based in Amsterdam. "If i am not making music, i blog about the music industry, so that other artists & musicians can learn from my mistakes".