How To Get Free Spotify Followers

  Finding followers and fans on Spotify is tough business! Gaining followers on Spotify can be a daunting task, mainly because music artists have no way of knowing where there Spotify followers are coming from. Due to absence of some good Spotify analytical data! Maybe they are coming from your social media, word of mouth, […]

Music Artists Guest Bloggers Wanted!

  Music Artists Guest Bloggers Wanted! At, we’re excited to announce that we will be accepting submissions for music artists who want to guest blog! We’re looking for great content such as articles or infographics about music marketing & all a music artist needs to know type of content what we can share with […]

How To Promote Your Music Online

  For music Artist, Producers and Bands the internet has endless possibilities to promote your music online, and get you some serious spotlight action. Just make sure you let your creativity run wild! and to learn (crunching the numbers) from the marketing promotions you run! Go back to the drawing board make changes, fine tune […]

3 Secret EPK Tips & Tricks

  When you are an Artist, DJ, Band or Producer, you need to have an EPK (Electronic Press Kit). We have all read the EPK tips & tricks articles (or YouTube video’s) about making your own EPK. But how do you make an EPK that’s unique en will be remembered by the right people in […]

What genre music do i make? 😱

It’s important to now as an independent music artist what kind of music you make, right? Well i ask my self this question over and over again because i really do not know what kind of music i make, i do know what kind of music i already made but i never know what kind […]